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Golf Cart Mobile

Anni in cart upright.jpg

     When we traverse the local area around the cabin, including the golf course, we have a mobile VHF installed for our use in the golf cart.  It works quite well both stationary and mobile. The installed radio is a Yaesu Ft 1900.  The audio is excellent even in a noisy open cab.  I have a mobile speaker installed on the dash that points at the occupants of the cart and that helps the audio as well. After installing the radio I noticed power spikes up to 18 Volts even with the radio connected directly to the battery.  This was not satisfactory and probably would affect the longevity of the radio.  I searched for a good voltage regulator and found a WILMORE 1675 DC to DC CONVERTER 12VDC - 12VDC 13.6V normal 15 Amp on eBay for $99 and bought it.       The converter takes in whatever voltage and smooths it to 13.6 V which protects the radio.  Below are photos of the radio, 2 meter antenna and the converter. 

golf cart set upii.jpg
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