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Leather Projects

Like many Hams, I try to learn to do new things from time to time.  Woodworking, metal working and fabrication, etc., have been my focus for a while.  Recently I decided one of my knives (a German G3 Bayonet) needed a new handle.  It had an old leather handle and I had thought for some time that a nice stacked leather handle would be better.  So, I embarked on the "how do I do that journey".  Here is the result.

Stacked leather handle.jpg

So this worked out pretty well after hours of studying how to do it and then actually doing it.  So I decided the bayonet needed a sheath.  And I decided that my other other identical but original handle bayonet needed a sheath as well.  And I decided my Leatherman needed a sheath. So I started with the Leatherman to figure out the process. 

Title other projects page.jpg

This worked out ok for a first effort.  Usable but not too pretty.  I made the die for the Signal Flag design out of one of my old branch insignias.  That worked pretty well for a first try. So more study and more thought went into the first sheath.  I developed a custom knife sheath pattern and went for it.   

First Sheath.jpg

This was better.  I learned that quality of the leather you start with and more care when finishing is important.  But it met the need, looks good and so I used the same pattern for the second (identical except for the handle) bayonet.  This time using more care with the fit, finish and overall process.  And I decided that black was more appropriate because it had a black handle.   

Sheath II.jpg

This one turned out nicely.  Not perfect but I am quite happy with the result.  But the learning journey continues.  I plan on making some fairly fancy Leatherman belt sheaths to give out as gifts to family later this year.  We will see how those turn out.     

This is a pancake Leatherman sheath.  It turned out well.  Better than the lighting shows here anyway.  I will be wearing this one.  Next will be the sheaths for Christmas presents.  Those will be a different design and will include a flap that closes with a button and also hold a small Maglite flashlight.    

This is the Christmas present sheath prototype.  I really like how this one turned out.  This is a left hip carry.  The other three I will make will be right hip carry.  Leatherman under the flap.  I left the clip on the Leatherman and it really holds it in there but is not needed because of the button down flap.  I will take the clip off of the leathermans going with the gift sheaths and let the receiver decide on whether they want the clip on or not.    

These are the Christmas present sheaths.  I really like how they turned out.  These are right hip carry. My wife says I could make and sell these.  But I am not so inclined.  The crossed rifles stamp is another home-made stamp I made with an Army Infantry insignia.  That sheath is a gift for my Father-in-law and he is a Korean War vet.         

This is a gallery of some of what I've done so far.         

A picture of my radio holster.  This was made for one of my HT's.  Basically, this sets in a leather cup, held in place by elastic cord that unsnaps.  I included a small pocket knife holder on the side.       

This is a US Army style shoulder holster.  It is modeled after the WWII issued holster.  I wore a Vietnam era black version when I was a platoon leader in the 80's.        

This new leather crafting skill is something I find I really like doing.  I plan on continuing this and refining techniques.  At some point, I will probably make a couple of holsters for my pistols.  But that is in the future.  Hopefully getting better at this!      

This is a "Bushcraft" style knife sheath which includes a fire starter rod.  I added the handle to the rod and it works well with this sheath.!      

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