Portable Station Box Two

Concept:  Build a battery operated radio go box capable of operating for 12 hours or more on its own internal battery (using 80% Receive 20% Transmit as a power consumption baseline).  Easy battery charging capability.  Usable with any mobile radio.  Basically, have a “grab and go” capability for short term operating.  Rugged and water proof or at least water resistant.

Battery charge receptacle with powerpole connectors installed inside.  A screw cap protects the receptacle when in travel mode or in use.  Rubber bumper stands (came with the box along with the mounted power receptacle as purchased via eBay) both protect the receptacle and allow it to stand on its side as needed. I plug in a trickle charger and leave it on trickle charge when not in use so that it is always ready to go with a full charge.

Dense foam padded Battery Box with two 7aH batteries.  Nylon strap holds the batteries in place. Very snug fit when the battery compartment top is in place.

Battery voltage meter.  Not "always on".  The button connects the meter when needed and the meter uses no voltage when not needed.

I really like using this "grab and go" box.  I use it with a roll up J-Pole antennaI made.  It is always ready and all I do is open it, hang the antenna and turn on the radio and I am on the air.