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2 Meter Frequencies and Expected Coverage

FREQ          TONE            FCC ID       Location (City, ST) – Site Info (See Legend Below)

145.310-    PL 100.0 Hz    KA7ERV    Boise County ARES (Pilot Peak) -oexs

146.620-    PL 100.0 Hz    W7VOI  Snowbank Mtn. (McCall, ID) –oelx 

146.840-    PL 100.0 Hz    W7VOI    Shafer Butte (Boise, ID) -oaelxz (in temp location not reachable from our cabin now)

146.900-    PL 100.0 Hz    KB7LVC   West Mtn, (Cascade, ID) –oelx 

147.020+    PL 100.0 Hz   KC7MCC  McCall, ID –oex 


a    autopatch

(CA)      closed autopatch

e       emergency powered

E-SUN     Solar powered

E-WIND wind powered

l    linked / crossband system 

o     Open System

p    portable system

PKT     digital / packet

r   RACES Affiliated

s   ARES Affiliated

x     wide area coverage

y     RTTY / ASCII system

z   911 direct

WX    weather net / weather usage

EXP  experimental / testing phase

Repeater Coverage Plots

Pilot Peak Coverage.jpg
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