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cabin radio

     Our cabin is in the mountains near Boise National Forest.  Fortunately, there are several 2 meter repeaters available for use in and around our cabin.  Primarily, I monitor the 145.310 Pilot Peak ARES repeater and use the dual watch function on our radio to monitor 146.52 simplex.  I also have an all band HF radio. The antennas are mounted on steel poles outside of the cabin.  With this set up we are  able to communicate with Hams in and around the area as well as between the cabin and the golf cart mobile or a hand held radio when I am out hiking. 

2 Meter Repeaters available at our cabin

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UTC Time

Area Weather

Area Fire Status

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UTAH VHF Society

Intermountain Intertie Repeater System



Mobile Amateur Radio Reference Site



Radio Repeater Coverage Mapping and general radio signal coverage mapping based on terrain.


QRZ Call Sign Look Up

Radio Amateur Operator Callsign Lookup


Repeater Book

Radio Repeater Database for frequencies, PL Tones, Etc. 

Voice of Idaho Radio Club

Voice of Idaho Radio Club Resources


Ham Radio Operating Overseas

ARRL International References


Idaho Society of Radio Amateurs


about our site

This site is about Amateur (Ham) Radio in and around our cabin, mobile or portable in Southwest/West Central Idaho and various other Ham Radio related topics.
On this site I have several of my radio related projects and even a book I published that is available on Amazon Kindle. 
     At our cabin we monitor Boise County Amateur Radio Emergency Services.  We can also listen in on fire, ems and law enforcement activity in the area and generally stay well informed as to what is happening in and around Boise County and the Boise National Forest.  This comes in very handy during fire season.  We have forest fires in Idaho (as do other states) and it seems we have five seasons instead of the normal four; Winter, Spring, Summer, Fire and Fall.  It very much pays to stay on top of the fire situation as it can directly impact personal safety as well as traffic and access in and around Boise National Forest.  Amateur Radio has helped greatly on several occasions of late and is an excellent asset to have available if living in a cell phone limited area such as near a national forest.

St. Maximilian Kolb

The Patron Saint of Amateur Radio

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His Feast Day is 14 Aug
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